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Restoring Wooden Flooring

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Restoring your Wooden Flooring

The epitome of beauty allied to practical durability – the traditional wooden floor still reigns supreme in properties great and humble.

Whether of wooden boards or parquet blocks, they are an asset worthy of care and attention.

A natural product is subject to natural wear from the pressure of feet..

So when new becomes worn; shiny becomes tired; as scratches turn into more serous damage…

A transformation is at hand when you call upon an experienced floor repair and restoration company

Restoring Wooden Flooring

Who give the best advice and a superb job in restoring your wooden flooring. Your wooden floor is precious and says a lot about your property and lifestyle.

Whether solid or engineered boards; parquet boards; herringbone or even cork – we’ll provide the restoration advice most suited to your needs. In the home: a hard-wearing surface for kitchens, playrooms and bathrooms

In the public arena or commercial world: To welcome and withstand the pressure from staff, customers and visitors.. in the office or shop; bar or restaurant; gallery or museum; sports hall or school room; civic building or library..

Enjoy the complete service

After a detailed assessment of your floor, we’ll set out the options. What kind of floor do you want? Something to impress? A hard-wearing surface requiring minimal maintenance – or something in both camps? Stains and sealants come in a huge variety nowadays. We’ll take you through the different types, with their advantages and suitability for your particular floors and circumstances.

And give a practical demonstration of what they can offer in terms of looks and protection. Every stage in restoration will be fully costed: you can decide on the most appropriate restoration package to meet your needs and budget.


Make use of our experience: twenty years plus in the floor restoration business.

A friendly family firm who have restored hundreds of floors of all types.

And from age and level of condition. Don’t worry that your floors are too far gone for restoration: we’ve brought far worse back to life!Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding London

Our skilled team members are all fully trained and members of the national trade body – the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

Their workmanship is second to none – all complemented with top quality materials. You’ll want your floor to last and prove a great investment so we refuse to give you anything but the best.

Minimal mess and fuss:

Sanding was once a very dusty process – but we ensure every job is 99% dustfree. Our machines have a unique collection system, with dust collected from outside each room, along with the sealing off of doors and windows. As for disruption, we can work flexibly – at weekends or oven overnight. Any loss of business and domestic upheaval will be kept to a minimum.
For the restored wooden floors you deserve

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Time To Get Sanding

The repaired floor is now ready for sanding: varying grades of paper strip away all traces of old paint, varnish and lacquer – along with all the lumps, bumps and dirt.

Rooms can have awkward corners and areas. Handheld machines and even hand-sanding will make sure every nook and cranny is left smooth and perfect.

A new look?

Choose the colour surface for the effect you want: a bright modern ‘eco’ look – or the more traditional, darker wooden floor. Clear stain enhances the wood grain: a coloured one gives depth and a floor to match your décor.

We don’t recommend using coloured waxes and lacquers: they lose their colour once the surface is scratched or damaged. We prefer to stain and seal in two distinct stages. The colour is much easier to control during application – and remains fast even as the sealant wears away.

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What Our Happy Clients Say!

Jack Moore
"When I decided to sell my home, there seemed to be no problems at all. ...
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Jack Moore
"When I decided to sell my home, there seemed to be no problems at all. This situation changed when I started to replace the carpet in my dining room. I wanted to create a showroom which would impress any person who was interested in buying my home. However, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw what lay beneath my dishevelled carpet. There were unsightly stains around my floor which looked disgusting, not the sort of thing that a prospective buyer would want to see! So, I decided to contact your team to find out if anything could be done, and I couldn't have asked for a more professional or friendly service. When you did a survey for me, I was told exactly what needed to be done and the price I was quoted was the price I paid - no nasty surprises hiding at the bottom of the final bill! Thankfully, work proceeded from there and, as I write this, I'm very impressed at my superb looking floorboards, which must have increased the value of my home by thousands."
Jack Moore
Jack Moore
Cindy and Steve Phillips
"The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in between ...
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Cindy and Steve Phillips
"The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in between the floorboards, but the colour throughout wasn't constant. As we can't afford to have carpets because our small children keep spilling their food and drink, we decided to remove our carpet and have wooden flooring instead. That's when we decided to contact you because you were personally recommended by my step-parents. To say that I am impressed with the work is an understatement. I am amazed at the quality of the work which you have done for us. Now, our floorboards look fantastic, especially as the same colour is apparent throughout, they're 'spill-proof' and even the introduction of a new puppy into the family hasn't dulled their shine! Thanks for a great job!."
Cindy and Steve Phillips
Cindy and Steve Phillips
Phil Radcliffe
"As I had hired companies before that specialised in renovating wooden floors, I was always ...
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Phil Radcliffe
"As I had hired companies before that specialised in renovating wooden floors, I was always disappointed with the end result because further work had to be completed in order to correct their mistakes. I've always wanted a wooden floor which wouldn't look out of place if it appeared in a home design catalogue. When I explained to Andrew and his colleagues about what my expectations were, they reassured me that they could do this work. Although I was apprehensive, I was impressed about their product knowledge and their professional approach, and they seemed to be very experienced. When they had finished their work, I shouldn't have worried because I was amazed at what they had done. My dream wooden floor was now a reality. I can't thank you enough."
Phil Radcliffe
Phil Radcliffe

How long will it take to sand a wooden floor?

After you’ve decided that it’s time to sand your wooden floor or carry out some wooden floor repairs, finding the time to crack on and make your floor look as good as new can be difficult, especially with a difficult life or work schedule. Knowing how long you will need is difficult to judge, especially if you are sanding multiple wooden floors. We’ve put together a few tips to make sure you leave plenty of time for your wooden floor renovation project.

Getting prepared – time needed 2-3 hours for an average room

Before floor sanding can begin, remember you’ll need to move any furniture or lift carpets out of the way, which can eat up time. You’ll probably need to clean the wood too, especially in corners and between boards. If the wooden floor is damp or the wood is rotten, you may even need to replace boards, which will involve a trip to the builder’s merchant. Once you have a clean floor space, you’ll need to get hold of a sander, sandpaper, stain, varnish and paintbrushes if necessary, as well as protective sheets, a hard brush and personal protective equipment. Buying or borrowing all of this kit can take time and there isn’t much point in starting the project before you’re all set to go.

Sanding – 3-6 hours depending on wood and finish

Be aware that different types of wood take longer to sand than others. If you’re sanding a softwood such as spruce, cedar, or fir then the topmost layer of wood will wear down quite easily, taking less time overall. A parquet floor, which can often be made of hardwood with a lacquer or varnish finish, will take much longer to get to a fresh layer of wood. The problem is made worse if sections of parquet are loose and need to be nailed or glued back into place. Always leave a few extra hours if you’re dealing with a hardwood or well oiled or varnished surface. Getting into corners or smoothing out a particularly rough patch can take a bit longer with a finer grit of sandpaper, so leave yourself a good half an hour to go over the surface and check for imperfections that the sander might miss.

Applying a finish – 2 hours + up to 24 hours drying time

Varnishing or painting your freshly sanded wooden floor isn’t as time consuming as sanding, but you’ll need to leave time to ensure an even finish as well as drying time between coats. You’ll also have to avoid walking on your new floor afterwards and be patient when it comes to moving furniture back into the room. Some finishes can take up to a day to fully dry, so make sure high-traffic areas are sanded at a quiet time.

Sanding a wooden floor isn’t a quick or easy job, but a single living room or bedroom in the average family house can
easily be sanded in a weekend with the right preparation and sanding technique. If you’re looking for some help, reviews of professional sanding equipment or more information on getting your floor sanding project perfect, then The Floor Restoration Company is an excellent resource, with plenty of tips to help you get a great finish. Just remember to leave yourself plenty of time to avoid rushing and don’t be tempted to skip important steps like cleaning or using a finer sandpaper to remove rough patches or notches. The final result will be infinitely better if you take your time with each stage.

3. Choose the right time to have your floor serviced, maintained or repaired

Floor repair and maintenance is like any other business: some times of year are busier than others. Quieter times tend to be associated with lower prices. Simply choosing a less hectic time of year to have your floor maintained, serviced or repaired can help save you money.

Here at The Floor Sanding Team, we carry out floor sealing, wood floor repairs and maintenance, alongside a host of other services. If you’d like to take advantage of any of the services mentioned in today’s blog, get in touch with us today.

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